Friday, June 20, 2008


Hi,all! I hope that you are all well. We have gotten back from the beach and the kids had a blast with their grandparents, cousins, and Hope(my mother's helper). When we got back from Holden Beach, we had AJay's 4 month checkup and he weighs a whopping 14 lbs 10 oz! Not bad for a preemie. Actually, he is right on for his actual age not adjusted. He has gained 10 lbs 4 oz since birth and 7 inches. We can't believe it. Someone said that I must produce cream and not milk. Whatever it is, he likes it! We have a busy June and hopefully during the dog days of summer, we'll slow down a little. There is a ladies' tea at church tomorrow and VBS next week ( I am helping with the 2nd graders). I am only telling the story so I shouldn't screw them up too badly.
I went to see a movie when I got home, just to have a break from the kids. I wish that I hadn't. It was a movie called "The Happening". I am a big M. Night Shamalan fan(Sixth Sense, The Village, Signs). However, I am not a big fan of this new movie. It was billed to be his scariest. Not so much! It was the worst movie that I have ever seen and I have seen "Kickin it Old School!" I sat there for 45 minutes with anticipation for the infamous M. Night twist but it never came. The twist was that(WARNING:SPOILER ALERT!!!!!) humans are so bad that the trees begin to fight back and kill us off beginning where? America, of course! How ludicrous! Basically, the moral of the story is that we are overpopulating the earth and must be destroyed! Same tired line, different method of delivery. As a mother of 4 living kids, I resent the fact that we are supposed to stop breeding. Look at Europe, their birth rate is down to less than 2%. Any civilization that has gotten that low has never recovered. Part of the fall of Rome was the fact that the had more conquered peoples and slaves that were breeding than they did actual Roman citizens. The only population that is growing by leaps and bounds in Europe is the Muslim community. They will soon be the majority in France and it will become a Muslim state within 100 years if the Lord tarries that long. Anyway, I digress. All that to say that this is an awful movie. At the end, the entire theater groaned in unison. Sad! Wish I would have gone to see Indy instead. At least, I wouldn't have had to endure a message movie. Entertainment is what I paid for and what I expected. I was not entertained.
On a more serious note, there was a state trooper killed here in WNC. The story has just touched my heart to no end. The news normally makes me sad but this was different. He was a 24 year old mountain boy who pulled a man over in an unregistered vehicle. The man proceeded to shoot him multiple times and the officer was taken to Mission hospital. What makes this story extra tragic is that while he was downstairs fighting for his life, his wife was upstairs in the NICU while their little baby was fighting for his. They are in the same NICU that we have been in. I know that that baby is in great hands because I feel that God has placed each nurse in there for a purpose. My heart breaks for this wife and mama who is struggling under the weight of grief so strong that she may not be able to breathe. So, if you pray please pray for the Blanton family. The officer died at Mission and the baby is still struggling. If you want to donate to the family, head over to for more info. T & M Blanton, you are in our hearts and prayers and may God hold you up during this storm.
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