Friday, May 30, 2008


Good morning to you all! Have you ever noticed how polite as a society we are? As a mom, I am trying to teach my kids manners. My mom taught us the value of saying ma'am and sir, please and thank you. I want my kids to be the same way.
That being said. I took my kids to the Edneyville Library today to return some books. As we entered, they took off like a shot. Forget a quiet setting (sorry to all those people who were there to find some quiet time). They began pulling tapes and DVDs off the shelves and saying I want this one! I want that one! Summie was saying "twuck, twain, cah, go," at the top of his lungs. Meanwhile, I am holding the newborn baby who couldn't care less about books and libraries and is crying vigorously. I go back and find the latest spy novel that I am going to read. I know you are
saying " when does she find time to read?" The answer is when I nurse. Terrible mom, I know. Anyway, I digress. I hear Summie running around the children's section chasing his big sisters who are complicit in the chase. My stress level is rising. I can tell by the pain in my shoulders and abdomen incision(from recent hysterectomy). I tell the girls to stop running and get some books. I throw in some Amelia Bedelia(love that girl) and some books displayed on top of the shelves(easy, ok?). We proceed to checkout. The lady tells me that I have a $2.50 late fee. I ask her if that is all. I am surprised I haven't bought half the books in that library by now but somehow I manage to get most back on time or I log onto their website and extend for week. Another rabbit trail... As we are checking out, this quiet, courteous woman looks at me and says, "Boy, do you have your hands full!" Not a question but a statement. At first, I just nod and try not to break down in tears cause the 2 girls are fighting over who gets to stand on the stool to look over the counter. Then I thought, why that is just code for "your kids sure are brats!" How polite of her to word it that way but she got her message across. Another euphemism for that statement is "you should have just one more." Are you kidding me? But, just to see their startled looks, I respond, "I can't. Because I have been spayed." LOL( to copy the kids hip texting). They will grin but the minute I turn my back I know that they are commenting on what a crazy lady I am. Anyway, one of my little "angels" is currently pouring a whole 33.5 oz thing of Goldfish on the floor. Boy, do I have my hands full! :)
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