Thursday, December 20, 2012

She's Crafty and She's Just My Type

I love love love when people ask me for home made gifts for Christmas.  This year, I had a request for a winter wreath for Christmas.  I have made some over the years but I wanted to try something I have never done before.  I looked for ideas on the 'net and Pinterest and came up with an idea that is an amalgamation of several things I saw.

I took a foam wreath from the dollar store and covered it in navy blue yarn.  This is a lot harder than it seems and it does make a mess.

I, then, took white glitter yarn and wrapped 2 spots as you see in the picture.  From here, you could continue with a winter wreath or maybe nautical or even July4th.  Believe me, I have ideas!  I, also, wrapped another layer of navy yarn to give the wreath a certain thickness.  I bought a wooden letter E and painted it.  My 10YO painted the circles that I drew(using chapstick and a Hershey's Kiss and templates).  I sprayed it with a clear coating of spray paint and sprinkled glitter on it.

 I added some snowflakes that I had and held them on with pretty push pins and glittered a snowflake I found in my craft drawer and hot glued it on.  I, then, sprayed the whole wreath with a clear coat and then sprinkled on more glitter cause really one can never have enough glitter.  Here is the finished product!  Feel free to pin it!
Before I added the E

Finished, finished product! Snowflake ribbon!

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