Friday, July 8, 2011

Transparent Thursday-'Fess Up Friday

So, I am morphing from Transparent Thursday into 'Fess Up Friday. This is sponsored my Mamarazzi at Dandelion Wishes. If you want to link up your confessions, head over to her site and check it out!


That leads to my 1st confession:

I wanted to start my own confessional linky for Transparent Thursday but I confess that I am too lazy and sometimes late getting to my own so I will just link up with her and some other great ladies.

I confess that I hate blowing bubbles. If there were a dislike button, I would press it. Shhhh...don't tell my kids.

I confess that the bottoms of feet creep me out. I like looking at people's feet from the top but to see the bottom is gross.

I confess that guys' feet in flip flops are gross and I am glad that my hubby doesn't wear them.

I confess that toes hanging over the front of sandals is weird. Does that mean that your shoes do not fit or what? I had a high school math teacher who did this regularly from spring to late fall and I can still see them to this day! Not attractive!

I confess that the new PJs that I bought with the Supergirl logo on them look funny on me. When your nipples and belly buttons are BFFs well.....The "S" is not really and "S." Don't look at me and pretend you don't know what I am talking about.

I confess that bathing suit shopping is a modern day form of torture. You can read a post I wrote several years ago about it. But this week I added even more excitement to the mix by taking 3 of my 4 children. We all crammed into the fitting room and with 6 eyes on me, I tried on 2. I took the 2nd one and ran!

I confess that I use way too many !!!!!! ! I may be excited a little too much or just in need of more punctuation marks! But I love them!!

What are you confessing this week? Let's all share in this together and we will feel better!
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