Sunday, April 12, 2009

Resurrection Day

Today is Easter! How do you commemorate this day? Is it all about the new outfit and ham and egg hunt? Today should be the day that we celebrate what makes our God so much different than the other gods. On this day, Jesus Christ did something that no one else has ever actually pulled off. He was dead and then He came back to life. Many people have claimed that they would but could never do it. Even Lazarus had to be resurrected by Jesus' power. He wasn't capable of doing it himself.
This fact alone makes Christ unique. I know that there are some who say that the Bible isn't fact and that since it isn't, it can't be trusted. I challenge you to try! The things that are told in the Bible are also being proven by science and archeology. However, there were historians in that day that also validate God's Word(not that it needs validation). There were affidavits from the guards who were present at the crucifixion and who were posted at the tomb's entrance. Then, Christ appears posthumously to more than 500 people. Women, men, disciples, followers, and even a Pharisee named Saul of Tarsus were among those chosen to touch, taste and see that He is God. In a court of law, 1 eye witness is enough to condemn someone to death. Should we then not believe the 500+ who witnessed Jesus in the flesh? They were able to touch Him and eat with Him and put their hands in His wounds. Are they somehow less trustworthy just because they lived 2000 or so years ago? We study the accounts of the Greeks, Spartans, and Vikings and take their historical deductions as fact. Fact is fact, no matter how many years elapse.
So, now, what will you do with the Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, the Messiah, God's Only Begotten Son, slain from the foundation of the world? Will you reject Him and go on about your life as if nothing can touch you. Or, will you allow Him to penetrate you to the very core of your being and transform you from the inside out so that the heart of you is as beautiful as the new Easter outfit you may have worn this morning? Christ wants all of us, not one of us not some of us, He wants all of us to come to Him. Call on the name of Jesus, believe, and be saved. Many blessings to you on this Easter Sunday. May it truly be a Holyday for you!
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