Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sin leads to death

The hardest thing I have ever done is to admit that I sin. We don't like to feel condemned and we usually do. The preacher in the pulpit isn't condemning you, that would be your own spirit. There are so many preachers and churches that are not talking about sin anymore. I think that they are afraid that if they preach the truth that we are all sinners and people aren't, basically, good, that people won't come back. This, of course, would lead to less in the plate, so let's not make anyone upset. However, the Bible is clear: the wages of sin is death(Romans 3:23). No mincing words there! We have people sitting in some of these feel-good churches(and in our own) that are lost and going to Hell. Yes, I said it! If there is a Heaven, then there is a Hell. Isn't that a law of physics? For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction? As wonderful and bright and glorious as Heaven is, Hell is just as terrible and dark and hateful. Are we so in love with the thought of money being brought in that we don't care for the souls of those who are around us?
I know why this got started. So many Christians took this to extremes and Bible-thumped people into submission. They are just as guilty as the sinners. They have caused so many to stumble. We can't badger people into a relationship with Christ just as I can't make you be my BFF. But, we can illuminate the need and satisfy that need with Jesus and His sacrifice. We are all in need of this ultimate satisfying need quencher, if we are new to Christianity or been there for 80 years. The thirst for Him only grows stronger and only larger drinks of Him can fill our cup. I want my cup to overflow and quench my thirst and those of my kids and my friends.
My friend, let me just tell it straight. We all have sinned, you me, the person next to you and, yes, even that sweet precious baby. We cannot go to Heaven by checking off any list or attending church. The only way that we can go to Heaven is to admit to the God of the universe that we are in need of a Savior because we have sinned. We need to ask Him to send Jesus into our hearts and cleanse it(Psalm 51). He will do so immediately! There will be no condemnation from Him and your sins will be forgiven and forgotten! This doesn't lead to a life of chains but to a life of freedom. Then, feel free(get it?) to shout from the tallest mountain or Main St that you are not the same now that Jesus has gotten a hold of you. And, dear one, begin the transformation!
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