Monday, September 8, 2008

Sad times

Well, football season has officially begun and already sad times have descended on our home. Michael is an avid South Carolina fan, which I think makes him eternally optimistic. After the 1st game, he they had some work to do if they were to beat Georgia but last Thursday's showing at Vandy made him a down trodden! So much potential, so little discipline. Many mistakes on the field and quarterback problems add to the piling up Gamecock problems! Now, I know that Steve Spurrier is a great coach but can he do it at USC? I think so. I just think that the players need to get over the "chicken curse!" At least Clemson lost in their season opener and North Carolina won theirs! There was some reason to celebrate. I love football which makes me a odd man out with my friends but I hate to see my baby so distraught! Maybe with some mojo, the Bulldogs will be putty in USC's hand!
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