Monday, July 19, 2010

Big Stuf Day 1 & 2

We arrived at a very hot Panama City Beach. The water is clear and beautiful with no tar balls on the beach. We swam for quite some time yesterday and had a great time. I watched with tears in my eyes as some kids got in the water for the 1st time and walked on a beach for the 1st time. I realized how blessed I have been to see so much of God's beautiful creation. I live in the mountains and go to the beach. Looking at the moonlight reflect off the waves last night, I realized that God is like that ocean. He is greater than I can fully imagine and has more life in Him than I'll be ever able to comprehend.
I have enjoyed getting to know some people better. Learning who these kids are and that they aren't who I thought they might be. Some of them are so grounded in their faith and knew what they wanted to hear from god this week. They haven't been disappointed. Some of them are so new, they didn't even know they could have fun and go to "Jesus camp" at the same time. They were pleasantly surprised to find out that both could happen. Christians can have a great time and still be focused on Jesus. We aren't sticks in the mud and the only fun you can have doesn't necessarily have to be immoral fun.
We have learned from Jared Heard that changing the way you think can change your actions. Even bad thoughts can influence your actions just like good thoughts can. He used Romans 12:2(one of my favorite verses) about transforming your minds. If you go to FBCHNC, you know that this has been central to our church's life this year. Then, he used Phillipians 4:6 to teach them to think on what is noble, pure, lovely, righteous only. Transform your mind by thinking on these things, whatever. What is cool is that the devotion that I am leading for my room this week is on the same thing. God is so good to orchestrate it that way!
Well, on to lunch and then some free time floating in the ocean. I may never come home again! Just kidding, Michael....
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