Friday, October 7, 2011

'Fess Up Friday-Confessions of a 7 YO

In honor of my sweet, precious, beautiful daughter's 7th birthday, I will be writing all my(her) confessions from a 7 YO's point of view. Mamarazzi is partying over on her site so go and check her out! So give my Baby Girl some love and read her(my) confessions. She is an amazing kid!!!!!!

1) I confess that I made Mommy sick every day for the first few months I was in her tummy.

2) I confess that Mommy's bladder was my favorite playground.

3) I confess that I couldn't wait to be born so I came 4 weeks early(much to Mommy's relief).

4) I confess that Mommy and Daddy were surprised to hear that I am a girl. I knew it all along!

5) I confess that once Mommy fed me, it was on! I didn't want a bottle or Daddy for that matter. My sister can be the Daddy's girl but as for me, Mommy all the way!

6) I confess that I was a little thing. Mommy says that I only weigh 5 lb 11 oz and can fit in the palm of her hand.

7) I confess that people say I am a mini me of Mommy with blond hair and blue eyes. That is a compliment(for Mommy ;) ).

8) I confess that I love my family, even my 2 brothers and my sister is my best friend. I am so happy God gave me to Mommy and Daddy.

9) I confess that I am almost always happy. I have a twinkle in my eye and a ready smile. Daddy mentioned something about boys and a shotgun. I am not sure what he means by that but he looks awfully serious when he says it.

10) I confess that I love Jesus and He lives in my heart. I know that I am going to Heaven one day and that I have a brother who lives there and is waiting for me.

That is all the confessing I am doing cause now it is party time! I have a few friends coming to sleep over at my house and I need to show off my new dangly earrings. Mommy said that I can't wear them until I am 7 and guess what? Today is the day! My Mommy made me a doughnut cake with pink and blue icing and purple sprinkles just like I wanted. So, gotta run! Happy birthday to me!

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