Monday, March 7, 2011

OOOOO....I Love a Love Story

"Mrs. Edgerton, I have to wait only 9 years and 5 months."

"For what, T?"

"To date your daughter!"

Smiling, I turned to his mom, a dear friend, with a question in my eyes. She then explained that he is literally counting down the days until he can officially date my Bela. My heart melted into a gooey puddle of mushiness that led me to pinch his cheeks and exclaim, "Oh how sweet!"

This sweet boy has already begun courting my oldest girl. He gave her a Valentines card and waves at her across the parking lot. How romantic!

Romance! I love romance! Lifetime and Hallmark channels get frequent visits from me. I also love old black and white movies. They just seem so romantic. But not as romantic as this 8 year old already courting my 8 year old. This got my hubby and me talking. He mentioned that Jacob had to wait for Rachel. It is a very romantic story, told in black and white, in the pages of the Bible.

This is the Sarita version:
Jacob wanted Rachel. He met her and fell in love instantly! He asked Laban , her father, for permission. Laban said yes but you have to work for me for 7 years. Jacob agreed. For 7 years, he worked as basically a slave just to marry a woman. Men, now days, can barely wait 7 minutes for a woman. At the end of those 7 years, Jacob went for payment and Laban consented. However, at the wedding, Jacob was tricked into marrying Leah. Imagine the surprise and anger that he felt when he lifted her veil on their honeymoon night only to discover the "ugly" one. I bet his face was red and his heart was broken in betrayal. But, Jacob accepted his fate.

He made his frustration known to Laban who brushed him off and told him that he couldn't give the younger one 1st. Isn't that little tidbit something that should have been discussed in the original agreement? Then, he told Jacob that he could have Rachel if he worked another 7 years in slave labor for him. Again, Jacob agreed. His love and desire for Rachel were great! So, he worked 14 total years and married(by accident) a woman who was not the love of his life just for her. With every love story comes heartache and it must have been heart breaking for them to eat together and live under the same roof and not be able to be together. Leah must have been heart broken at playing 2nd fiddle to her gorgeous sister. She had to know his intentions and I am sure that there was no hiding the loving looks between the 2 of them. She had to know that he would never love her as much as he did Rachel!

So if Jacob could wait for 14 years for the love of his life, then Little T can wait 9 years and 5 months for his! What a story we would have to tell at their wedding!
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