Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Jesus Saves

I haven't posted on this blog in a while.  I have been getting some things together and taking a break.  But, this post was something I thought warranted my coming out of hibernation.  What could be so important to drag me from my warm cocoon of family, home school, cooking, reading, etc?  That would be my son.  You see, this weekend, he turns 8.  On February 7, as a matter of fact! 

"Why is that so exciting," you ask. "After all, you have 3 other children who have turned 8 ahead of him.  Is he your favorite?"

Maybe but that isn't the point.  If you tell the other 3, I will deny it, point blank.
What has inspired me? Well, at choir practice tonight, I found out that we are singing "Jesus Saves" by Travis Cottrell this Sunday.  That is one of my favorite songs.  The other reason?  My little guy is being baptized on Sunday, his birthday, with the mother of all Christian songs echoing through the rafters.  That is the trifecta for this mom.

You see, Asa should not be alive and neither should I.  He was almost miscarried 5 times.  The warm, nest he was cradled in burst when he was still too little to live on this earth.  We were told that he would be born and that he would be too little and that he would die.  His chances were less than 2% for survival.  But, despite all the odds, Jesus Saves.  He survived despite astronomical odds against him.  But, God doesn't play odds.  God does what God wants.

Fast forward several years.  In our kitchen, Asa begins to ask me questions.  Dad comes in and we talk eternity over with our 5 year old.  He understands.  It really isn't that hard to figure out.  We all have a yearning in our soul for something that we don't understand.  There is a piece missing that only one thing, Person, can fill.  Kids sense it and figure it out so much more quickly.  On our kitchen floor, in my arms, our son ushered Jesus into his heart.  Jesus saves.

This child is a son of Adam(yes, I have been reading Narnia with the kids).  He was born to die.  Jesus came into the world born to die so that my son and I could live forever in Heaven.  Jesus saves.
Happy birthday, AJay!

Happy Baptism, AJay!

Jesus Saves

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