Friday, December 19, 2014

A Strange Way

If you are a believer, then you may not question God and His methods.  I am a believer and I do!  Yes, I confess: I question God sometimes! (gasp)  There is Biblical evidence of people questioning God.  He responds to them in various ways depending on the motive of the heart of the person who is doubting.  Abraham was made the father of nations.  Mary became the mother of Jesus. Zachariah was struck mute for 9 months.  The heart was what mattered.

I question God's method for saving the world.  He is God, after all!  He could have just spoken and people would be saved.  He could have forced us to love Him and to repent.  He didn't!  What kind of love would that be, forced love?  Not love at all, I say!  Instead, He went about salvation in the strangest possible way: a baby!  A baby?  Not very fearsome or forceful, huh?  God became vulnerable and tender.   He used a baby, a teenaged, unwed mother, and a carpenter from a tiny town.  Then, enter in a census, another little town, a stable, and a feeding trough and you quite possibly have the oddest setting for any story much less a story that will bring salvation to a hurting world!  Only God could pull off that scenario!  And He did!  No one before Jesus nor anyone after Jesus has had more impact on the world than that tiny baby.  Time literally centers on Him.
This is the premise for the song "A Strange Way to Save the World".  Another song that I love at this time of year!  "Now, I'm not 1 to 2nd guess what angels have to say."  Well, yes I am! 

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