Friday, December 16, 2011

'Fess Up Friday-Christmas Edition

More confessions of a Christmas nature!  I am feeling like getting this off my chest so here goes:

I confess that National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation was even better after the 152nd time I have seen it!  It is so cornball and goofy!  It is the true depiction of why we put up with family at Christmas.

I confess that people who send out those pretty picture cards make me feel inferior.  I am barely getting out the store bought ones in time for Christmas and some of them may not make it!

I confess that having 3 families over for Christmas cookie decorating and ginger bread house making was tons of fun!  Everyone had a blast and the moms got time for fellowship.

I confess that I love getting my shopping done early!  Being done BEFORE black Friday is the way to go!

I confess that I love getting a lot of my Christmas stuff for free and I did!  I will not confess my secret!

I confess that I am excited to sing with my children in church on Christmas morning!  Happy Birthday, Jesus is the song and my 9 YO will be singing a solo.

I confess that I have the Christmas spirit! 

I confess that I love seeing that same spirit in my kids' eyes!

I confess that I am just too happy for this post!  Too much egg nog or peppermints!  Not sure!

Merry Christmas!
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